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Workplace Injury Houston

Workplace Injury Houston

An injury from the construction worksite will leave you with life-altering injuries on your body and mind. One analysis found that there were 5000 deaths in one recent year in the United States, making the industry one of the most dangerous in the world.

Most common types of construction injuries and accidents

  • Falls
  • Hit by an object
  • Electrocution
  • Chemical burns
  • Pinned between two objects

The above accidents result in traumatic injuries like brain damage, spinal cord damage, orthopedic injuries, and dislocated joints.

It is prudent that a construction worker puts in place all the proper protocols to ensure they have a safety net in the event of an accident. The investment in legal representation will improve productivity and give you a better life with better healthcare and consistent income.

How we handle workplace injury in Houston

Our injury attorneys in Houston help clients in many different industries acquire healthcare coverage no matter their field of work. The biggest clientele group comes from workplaces like the mind, drilling rigs, factories, grain mills, paper mills, plants, and warehouses. Our job is to make the employer provide answers about the accident and focus on creating a plan that will better your health and maintain other applicable income compensations.

It would help if you got in touch with our team immediately before getting into a negotiation with the employer because accepting the employer’s agreement disqualifies you from filing a lawsuit. The employer may help get you to a hospital, but they should not pursue any financial agreements without the presence of a lawyer. Generally, you have the following options:

  • Accept the compensation benefits agreement from the attorney
  • File a lawsuit against the employer to get past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages, among many more
  • Accept worker’s compensation from third party companies that contributed to the injury, including engineers, architects, material manufacturers, or contractors who are managing the project

There is no guarantee that you can quickly pursue compensation from third parties, but you have a better chance of a successful pursuit when you involve an attorney.

How Lassiter Law Firm will recover your damages

The experienced attorney evaluates all facts to assess who is responsible for your injury. The investigation will involve forensic work to build and win the case against an army of corporate lawyers. Besides pursuing money damages, you are also viable for coverage due to emotional pain, damage of personal relationships, and other out-of-pocket finances. We have a long history of complex injury litigation and handle all cases with diligence so you can quickly earn what you deserve.

All construction and industry cases have one thing in common – They were preventable. Construction projects have many different entities working together and multiple individuals who oversee the project. Any catastrophic injury or death should go through proper litigation for you to get rightful justice by upholding all negligent parties to the law. Do not delay to seek legal advice about an injury, but contact +7135210104 for immediate professional assistance.