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Tree Netting Machine

Most of your customers expect to receive a wrapped tree for Christmas. Netting makes trees easier to handle, keeping your clients happy after they leave your business. Peak Seasons offers hand balers to increase productivity without breaking the bank.

Why should I wrap my trees?

Branches create unwieldy problems for people. Issues start even before they leave the lot with a bare tree. Needles fall off more frequently and the product is more difficult to handle.

Wrapped trees are compact. They expose less of the plant to the wind. This keeps trees intact as your customers travel to their homes and businesses to spread holiday cheer.

Do customers expect me to wrap my trees?

Most customers fully expect to receive a baled plant. Over 89 percent of your clientele wants to receive a netted tree.

It is likely that not baling your trees will cost you revenue. With the average tree lot making just over $14000, this impact is not minor.

Should I purchase an electronic tree baler?

Electronic balers are the most efficient. They take care of the hard lifting, handling many more trees per hour than can be wrapped by hand.

Still, these machines cost more than their manual counterparts. In fact, they can cost more than the entire revenue for the year at upwards of $13000. This may be acceptable for a large year-round operation but not for a small neighborhood tree lot expecting to make less than half of that number.

Inexpensive tree balers

Manual balers are vastly less expensive than their electronic counterparts. At just over $313 from Peak Seasons, this option is both more efficient and more affordable.

Hand balers are also easier to maintain. The durable Kirk tree netting machine has just three replaceable parts. Clips, a retarder ring to control the process, and the drum make up the entire piece of equipment.

Maintaining a Kirk baler

Peak Seasons offers the parts you need at under $50. Retarder rings, clips, and stands keep your operation running smoothly. Improve efficiency or replace worn out parts ahead of the season to maximize your profits.

Our easy-to-use online shop offers fast shipping and every supply you need to keep moving. With over forty years of experience, we know how to keep trees from staying on your lot.

Where can I find hand balers in the United States?

Peak Seasons stocks the durable yet simple Kirk baler for just over $313. These tools last for years and have no complex parts to repair when something does go wrong. They are easy enough to maintain on your own. Keep profit high while selling trees this Christmas with your own manual tree netting machine.

Established in 1979, Peak Seasons is the number one retailer of pumpkin patch and Christmas tree lot supplies. Our internet store offers everything from compelling signs to coloring books and more.

If you are looking to improve your efficiency during the holidays, a baler can help. Visit our website to browse a selection of parts and purchase your own Kirk machine today.

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