Are you thinking about selling your diamond? Does the process seem complicated, confusing, or just plain stressful? If so, Selling Diamonds in NYC is here to help! Here are some tips for selling your diamond froSelling Diamonds in NYC:

1. Know if the diamond is real

Many people who are looking to sell their diamonds later find out that their diamond is not real. If your diamond jewelry has been passed down for generations, it is important to know what kind of diamond you are dealing with. Visit a qualified appraiser who will give you an accurate description of your diamond's characteristics and condition. They will also make you aware of the negative qualities of your stone that could affect the value. 

2. Trust your buyer

Here at Selling Diamonds in NYC, we put the seller's needs first. We buy your diamond at top dollar to ensure you that your precious valuable was placed in the right hands. Many buyers take advantage of their customers, which is why you should choose trustworthy buyers like the ones at Selling Diamonds in NYC to avoid future issues. 

3. Prepare yourself emotionally

Since diamonds tend to carry an underling message of love or commitment, they can be difficult to separate from. It is important to understand that although rings contain sentimental value, they are material items. Older jewelry typically represents a part of your life that has now passed. Those memories will always be with you, and it is now time to move on.  

Diamonds are valuable and tricky to sell. There is a lot to take into consideration, which is why Selling Diamonds in NYC has provided some advice that should take some of that stress away! For more information and advice for selling your your diamond, visit us at