Holding Ring


If you have a diamond ring that you think will last forever, think again! Although diamonds seem to be difficult to damage, they are prone to breaking. Diamonds should be cared for because they can be easily misplaced or destroyed. If you have a diamond ring, follow some of these tips on how to keep it safe. 

1. Know Where To Leave Your Ring When You Take It Off

If you take your ring off, be conscious of where you are placing it in the mean time. Many diamond ring owners will take their ring off before they wash their hands. For this reason, they tend to leave their ring off for long periods of time before they realize they are not wearing it anymore. Think about placing the ring in a purse or a compartment in your wallet if you want to take it off while you're not at home. If you take off your ring while you are home, consider setting up ring dishes around your house. Placing ring dishes by the sink in your bathroom, kitchen, and on your nightstand, will help you keep track of your ring at all timesThis way, if you forget to put your ring back on, it is in a safe place. 

2. Buy Diamond Ring Insurance

Get your ring insured as soon as you can! Most insurance plans will cover the cost of losing or damaging your ring. Along with establishing an insurance plan, make sure to also speak with a diamond expert. Diamond experts will give you an appraisal that will provide proof for how much your ring is worth. 

3. Understand That Your Diamond Ring Is Fragile  

Diamond rings are prone to damage. Although diamonds appear to be solid "rocks" on your finger, they can easily fall out their setting. Diamonds are typically kept in place by four to six prongs. Prongs typically become loose over time, which is why you should take your diamond to a jeweler annually. This way, you won't hold the risk of your diamond falling out of its place while you are not looking. 

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