A diamond, known to many for its tough exterior, is often equated with the desire for a long, happy marriage. This idea has been popular in Western society forever, and although it is widely acknowledged, it is soon to be overtaken by a better alternative.

In today’s society, especially here in New York, women are growing more and more independent, taking over every industry. It was only time they bought their own jewelry for themselves. This idea goes along with the millennial idea of waiting until later in life to get married. This can be based on a financial decision, as it is often easier to find a stable job for yourself before making financial decisions with another person. It can also be due to more people choosing to go to college before getting married. Regardless of the reasons why, it is not unknown to the world that women are growing more and more independent, pushing themselves further and setting new goals than any other time in history.

aIn 2003, the right hand diamond ring was born. The jewelry company De Beers based this campaign on the foundation of women choosing to buy themselves expensive jewelry as a celebration of their own personal success. Since the diamond ring is traditionally worn on the left hand, the right hand ring trend has escalated as women progress both financially and professionally. De Beers debuted this campaign with the catchy slogan:

“Your left hand says ‘we’, your right hand says ‘me’.”

There has also been a recent increase in female jewelry purchasers as well as a rise in female jewelry designers. This is perfectly reasonable, as independent jewelry designers just design for other women just like them. Jewelry designer Maria Aaron claims that 95% of her customers are self-purchasing women.

All in all, today’s world is changing. With women making more and more, they should definitely feel comfortable spending the money they make for gifts for themselves. Self-purchasing women should be able to choose jewelry that they can wear as a reminder of their own success and personal growth without waiting for a man to buy them expensive jewelry. De Beers said it best when they said “Women of the World, Raise Your Right Hand.”

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