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If you are thinking of selling your diamond jewelry or diamond engagement ring, it’s very important that you take the time to clean your diamond. Why is this so? Well, when you are selling your diamond, buyers will determine its value based on the four Cs
-  clarity, color, cut, and carat weight. If you let your diamond jewelry get dirty this can definitely impact the value.    
Here are four practical things you can do to keep your diamond clean:
  1. Do not constantly touch your diamond - Natural oils from your skin, lotion, and everyday dirt will cloud your diamond (Martha Stewart Weddings). If you wear an engagement ring, your diamond is exposed to the skin oil from your fingertips when putting the ring on and taking it off and is likely also exposed to oil from your ring finger when wearing the ring. So there is no need to touch your diamond more than is necessary.
  2. Regularly clean your diamond - The GIA (2015) recommends that you clean your diamond jewelry in a gentle degreasing solution like water with a little bit of mild dish soap once or twice a week. Then to remove any leftover dirt, they recommend that you scrub your diamond with a new, soft, and clean toothbrush that is used to clean only your diamond. Using any brand-name jewelry cleaner is another option you can consider (Martha Stewart Weddings).
  3. Do not wear your diamond ring when doing a task that requires chemical usage - When performing tasks such as washing dishes (Martha Stewart Weddings), cleaning your bathroom, or cleaning your kitchen, you will likely use harsh chemicals such as Clorox Bleach or Windex that can damage your metal, causing it to look dull (Tan, 2015).
  4. Go to a jeweler every year to maintain your diamond - Bustle writer Sara Tan (2015) recommends that you book a yearly appointment with your jeweler to make sure that you keep your diamond ring in the best shape, making sure your stones are secure and that there are not any cracks or chips. Whether you have a diamond ring or another piece of diamond jewelry, make sure you see your jeweler every year to keep your jewelry in the best condition.        
The cleaner you keep your diamond, the more valuable it can be. At Selling Diamonds in NYC, we want to make sure that whatever diamond jewelry you choose to sell us, you get the most money back for it that you can. If you would like to schedule an appointment with us, stop by our location at 37 West 47th St. New York, NY 10036. Or give us a call at our office number 646-760-6247. We promise you will not be disappointed with our services.