Before reading on, make sure you see our previous blog post here about the Four Cs of a diamond; it is a great place to start for those without any knowledge of diamonds.

Selling diamonds are no easy task. While there are thousands of diamond shops around the world, it takes more time to research and come to a conclusion about what type of diamond is the right to sell. For example, some cuts, clarity, caret, and color are made for each preference. Its not always about having the best clarity or caret. If cost is huge a factor, some compromises have to be made in order to have a diamond cost well in someone's budget.


To find a good place to sell your diamond, you have to make sure that the jeweler is reputable and certified. Proper documentation must be given to you for the transaction along with a receipt. Makes sure that the documents state the correct color of your diamond, its grade, and carat, along its clarity. This will be great for offers so that you can show other potential buyers and see who is willing to pay the most for your diamond. It will also ensure that you are not being offered lower than expected values.

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