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1807, 2018

How Do I Sell My Diamond In NYC?

By |July 18th, 2018|Diamonds|0 Comments


If you don’t know how to sell your diamond in New York City, Selling Diamonds NYC is here to help! The first thing you should know is that you have a few options. The most common outlets for selling diamonds in NYC include pawn shops, jewelry stores, and diamond buyers. Although these choices may seem […]

307, 2018

Tips For Selling Your Diamond

By |July 3rd, 2018|Diamonds|0 Comments

Are you thinking about selling your diamond? Does the process seem complicated, confusing, or just plain stressful? If so, Selling Diamonds in NYC is here to help! Here are some tips for selling your diamond from Selling Diamonds in NYC:
1. Know if the diamond is real

Many people who are looking to sell their diamonds later find out that their […]

2106, 2018

All the Single Ladies, Now Put Your (Right) Hands Up

By |June 21st, 2018|Diamonds|0 Comments

A diamond, known to many for its tough exterior, is often equated with the desire for a long, happy marriage. This idea has been popular in Western society forever, and although it is widely acknowledged, it is soon to be overtaken by a better alternative.

In today’s society, especially here in New York, women are growing […]

2006, 2018

Tips For Keeping Your Diamond Ring Safe

By |June 20th, 2018|Diamonds|0 Comments

If you have a diamond ring that you think will last forever, think again! Although diamonds seem to be difficult to damage, they are prone to breaking. Diamonds should be cared for because they can be easily misplaced or destroyed. If you have a diamond ring, follow some of these tips on how to keep […]

506, 2018

5 things you should know before you sell your diamonds

By |June 5th, 2018|Diamonds|0 Comments


The value depends on 4C

Diamonds come in different shapes, color and size. Sellers should understand the 4c’s of a diamond, which refers to the cut, color, clarity, and carat of the diamonds. You don’t have to become an expert about 4C, but understanding these basic knowledge helps you decide the market value of diamonds.


507, 2017

A Beginner’s Guide to Selling Diamonds

By |July 5th, 2017|Diamonds|0 Comments

Before reading on, make sure you see our previous blog post here about the Four Cs of a diamond; it is a great place to start for those without any knowledge of diamonds.

Selling diamonds are no easy task. While there are thousands of diamond shops around the world, it takes more time to research and […]

2806, 2017

The Four Cs of Diamonds Explained

By |June 28th, 2017|Diamonds|0 Comments

When buying diamonds, it is important to consider four key factors: clarity, carat, color, cut. Dubbed the four Cs by diamond experts, the higher quality the diamond, the more money it is worth based on this scale.


Clarity is the presence or absence of inclusions or flaws in the stone. Our experts will rank your diamond using industry […]

1509, 2016

Things to Keep In Mind While Selling Diamonds In NYC

By |September 15th, 2016|Diamonds|0 Comments

Diamonds are a woman’s best friends, and sometimes a man’s as well. After all apart from adornment of the person the other purposes that precious stone jewelry and precious metal jewelry serves is that of a valuable investment. Of course people, especially women have an emotional attachment to their jewelry, and it is true that […]

2206, 2016

Selling Diamonds in NYC for the most cash

By |June 22nd, 2016|Diamonds|0 Comments

To begin with, there isn’t any principle that says that you might have the accurate amount when you sell diamond ring.
In the event the original owner is really a celebrity or somebody famous, this can undoubtedly incorporate value along with an amazing added selling level.
This appraisal allows you recognize the worth of the ring, and […]

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