1. The value depends on 4C

Diamonds come in different shapes, color and size. Sellers should understand the 4c’s of a diamond, which refers to the cut, color, clarity, and carat of the diamonds. You don’t have to become an expert about 4C, but understanding these basic knowledge helps you decide the market value of diamonds.

  1. Find the real experts in the jewelry industry

Without doubt, there will be a lot of frauds in the market. Be sure to find someone who has good reputation and professional about appraising diamonds. A good company should make sellers feel comfortable, clear, confident and satisfied.

  1. GIA report

GIA report is like the ID card of the diamonds. It would be ideal to have a GIA report of your diamonds that you will get a clear 4C details about them. Also, it would make the whole process of appraising much more easier.

  1. Be careful about assessment

The diamonds should be appraised in front of you. If anyone asks you to take your diamonds back to test, you may need to leave immediately. Moreover, it’s necessary that its scales and equipments are certified by the state.

  1. Knowledge is power

Do your homework first. Selling a diamond is not easy, but the best way to avoid being fooled is self-education. Researching the reputation and establishment about the buyers helps you understand the whole jewelry market and make you a satisfactory bargain.