We buy and lend money for all diamonds, diamond jewelry and gemstones

Sell Your Diamond Jewelry

Whether you’re coming in or out of a divorce, need the money, we offer two options to either sell or get a collateral loan for your diamond jewelry.

Collateral loans have been around since the beginning of time and pawning your diamond offers the way of getting money now, and your items back when the loan is repaid. A true win – win situation.

We are located in Midtown Manhattan

We buy every and any diamond, large or small, engagement rings or even loose large gemstones, to put it simple we have the capital and you need the cash and we give you a great price whether selling a diamond or getting a collateral loan against it.

Sell Diamond Wedding Rings and Bands

If you made the regretful mistake of marrying someone or getting engaged to someone you turned up hating, take advantage of our program and recoup the investment in the diamond ring and get the maximum value out of it.

People can sell their diamonds to us and be in and out in as little as 5-10 minutes depending on quantity. We are a reputable diamond buyer and been in business for decades offering the best prices for diamond jewelry paid when people need to sell it or get a loan for it.